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Poems I Love

Glacier Speaks

Councils of All Beings

Humans - hear me!
I speak for the glacier beings:
ice and gravel, crevasse, snowbridge,
rushing water.

Watch how we move. May watching bring you peace.
Think of the making of mountains, gorges,
ponds, rivers without end.
That is how we move.
Bonded together, turning over time,
great and lasting forms.

Our glacier ways are the old ways.
We are kin to the dew on the grass, the icicles
hanging from your gutters, the irrigation for your"
farmlands, the bubbles in your fountains.
Crystal and vapor are beautiful ways
we touch the face of the earth.

Two-legged beings, frantic and sad ones,
follow my path downstream from the mountains,
cascade and river current, flowing through marshes
and out to sea. Taking that journey over and over
I pass by you as cloud and rain and snow.
You are the frozen ones, believing yourselves
apart from each other and other life forms.

With your ears, listen for the voices
deep inside the glacier. They will teach you songs of
the power of melting.

- Anne Wescott