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The Haudenosaunee Protocol

Coming from Gratitude
This is the protocol which the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois Six Nations Confederacy, used when opening their treaty meetings. Please stand. You may make the following gestures mentally or physically.

We offer salutations and respect to all present at this meeting
and to all who will be affected by it.

We brush off the chairs on which we sit--
to make a clear space for a meeting of minds.

We brush off from our clothing any debris picked up on the way--
to clear our minds of extraneous matters.

We wipe the blood from our hands--
to acknowledge and apologize for any hurt we have inflicted.

We wipe the tears from our eyes--
to acknowledge and forgive any hurt we have received.

We take the lump out of our throats--
to let go of any sadness or disappointment.

We take the tightness out of our chests--
to let go of any fear or resentment.

We acknowledge and pray for guidance
to the Great Creator Spirit of All Life.

Ho. So be it.

(This version is adapted by Ralph Metzner)