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Seaflow's Great Turning Exercise

Seeing with New Eyes
(approximately 90 minutes)

Concepts, Milling, Group Presentations

Purpose: We want to create an active, movement-oriented exercise for the conceptual material of the Model of the Great Turning. We have used this activity twice now in our Seaflow transformational workshop and found that it provokes great dialogue and a lot of laughs.

1. Brief intro– ten minutes; The Model of the Great Turning

What each of the roles in the Great Turning is. How we are all participating in the Great Turning already. (Alternative structures; change in consciousness; holding actions); how each of the three roles in the great turning is important,

2. Milling-- twenty minutes

Description: Milling is a common movement exercise, described by Joanna in "Coming Back to Life." It has a particular value if people are asked to notice what happens inside their own bodies as they move from place to place, or take on different characters. (Dr. Katie Hendricks has been Geo’s great mentor in this work.)

The Model of the Great Turning is a perfect conceptual framework for this form of milling, since the three roles in the Great Turning all are quite distinct from each other. We use different parts of our own body/mind/soul in each role. Guided movement through space can help participants notice how they have to change or adapt in order to move from Holding Actions to Changes in Consciousness to Alternative Structures.


A. movement/exercise: create three areas in the room which are some distance apart. (One for each role) Our workshop has three facilitators, so each one has stood in a different part of the room with a sign indicating which role/position they are taking.

B. participants move slowly through the three different spaces:

Alternative structures; change in consciousness; holding actions

C. Leaders asks: "What do you experience, how do you change, as you move through the different spaces in the room

D. Leaders say, "Choose one of the three spaces and settle into it." Three small groups naturally form.

E. Leader asks question to people in each of the three groups: what are you doing in this group? How did you get here? what do you want to know about this group?

3. Creative Group task: 35 minutes

A. Each group creates a commercial/presentation: fifteen minutes

Presentation answers question: "how would you recruit people into your group? Why is your role in the Great Turning the best and most effective?"

(Can be tv commercial, songs, mime, play, etc.)

B. Each group Presents to group twenty minutes (lots of laughing)

4. Group Council: What did you learn about your role in the Great Turning as a result of this activity. 10-20 minutes.

(Developed by trainers from Seaflow, protect our living oceans. Geo Taylor, Hallie Iglehart Austin, Vivienne Verdon Roe, and Barry Flicker.