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"Corbett," A Going Forth exercise

Going Forth

Sit together in groups of four.

During a couple minutes of silence, each person allows something to come to mind that they want to do for the Great Turning. If several possibilities arise, choose just one.

Decide who will be Person A. The first round begins as Person A shares what they desire to contribute to the Great Turning. (2 minutes) The other participants listen attentively without comment.

The others in each group now have opportunities to respond, one by one, to As offering, while everyone else listens without comment. First, the person on As left speaks as the voice of Doubt, stating reasons why A may not accomplish their intention. (2 minutes).

Next, the person across the circle responds as an Ancestor, sharing the feelings and thoughts that arise upon hearing what Person A will be offering to the Great Turning. (2 minutes)

Now, the person on As right responds as a Future Being, sharing the feelings and thoughts that arise upon hearing how person A will be participating in the Great Turning. (2 minutes)

Finally, person A has an opportunity to reflect aloud on what theyve heard, inviting verbal response from others in the group if they wish. (2 minutes)

The role of Person A moves around the circle, with the same sequence of responses.

Upon completion of the 4th round, allow a few minutes for circle members to share with each other.

- Paula Hendrick